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just take a look

It has been 2 months already that I`m in Taiwan….

too many things happened, good and bad, the people is too kind, sometimes you get tired of say so many times thank you just in one day, but they really appreciate if you say thank you at least 6 times….

what can i say, still my dream is there, i haven`t fulfilled anything of what i wanted, but i have reached more than i expected….

At this time i`m like a slave of the time, which it doesn`t seems to exist in this place….

I`m a little bit tired, i`ve change the rutine, but still i want more…

you think you are young, but i feel so old, and every day i think in a different goal, because i think  i`m still such an incomplete person…clumsy , and so i don`t know, i have to think…

ok, still there is time, but is too short it`s taking advantage of me, and i don`t know what to do, i really need to learn a lot of things yet, but for now, live the present and build my future, that`s  in my mind, i wish i could change some things, but i don`t have that kind of power, the time just goes back in my mind, but nowhere else….